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Couple Loses Weight Volunteering With Dogs

Who knew that volunteer work could lead to weight loss and love?
/ Source: KSHB-TV

Who knew that volunteer work could lead to weight loss and love?

KMBC's Bev Chapman has the story of a Lee's Summit couple who experienced both at Wayside Waifs.

Fred Schwartz and his wife, Joan, said they never imagined they would have lost weight after nine months of volunteering to play with animals at Wayside Waifs. Fred said he lost 20 pounds; Joan lost about 15.

Also at Wayside, the couple met a three-legged puppy named Champ and fell in love with him.

"Champ came to us as a puppy. Somebody had shot him with an arrow in his front leg," Wayside's Ashlee Parker said.

Champ lost his leg, but doctors saved his life, and Fred and Joan Schwartz gave him a home.

"He's a great dog and does not seem to notice he only has three legs," Fred Schwartz said.

"I cannot believe how much energy this dog has. He's like a kid in the classroom who doesn't sit down," Joan Schwartz said.

And Champ recently got a promotion.

"Now Champ is going to be one of our humane educators and go out into the community and be a therapy dog. He'll be able to make a difference in the lives of a lot of other people," Parker said.

"Basically he's really too smart to stay home. He'll just get in trouble. He needs some gainful employment," Joan Schwartz said. Fred and Joan Schwartz spend two hours a day, five or six days a week with the dogs at Wayside Waifs.

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