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UH Pay Cuts Leave 17 Above $240,000

Some students and instructors are outraged to find out how much top University of Hawaii executives will be paid even after a pay cut.
/ Source: KHNL-TV

More than 200 University of Hawaii executives are getting their pay cut between 6 and 10 percent because of the budget crisis.

KITV has obtained a list of the new, reduced salaries that will be paid to University of Hawaii administrators.

UH said it has to pay top dollar to its top executives to compete with other universities across the country. However, students and faculty wonder whether the top paid people are reducing their salaries enough, at a time when faculty and staff are seeing pay cuts and students are facing higher tuition and fewer classes.

KITV took the list to the UH Manoa campus, showing students and faculty what UH officials new salaries will be after pay cuts that still must be approved by the UH Regents.

"This is pretty outrageous. The numbers are astounding. Maybe we should look into how many classes could be saved if we could cut the salary in half?" Association of Students of the University of Hawaii President Mark Ing said.

The list shows that new UH President M.R.C. Greenwood's salary will be $427,512 after a 10 percent decrease in pay.

Other top UH executives face 6- to 10-percent pay reductions, like UH Manoa Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw, who will now make $337,632.

"They're still making a lot of money after that cut that you're talking about, you know?" UH campus minister Brennan Takayama said. "I appreciate the work that the administrators do at the university, but do they really need to be making this much money when so many programs are being cut back?"

Graduate student Mo Wells said she is paid $13,000 a year as a lecturer for two American Studies courses.

"It's just really upsetting, and it's unacceptable. It's really is just unacceptable, maybe they should just give a little bit more, a lot more, maybe," Wells said.

A UH spokeswoman declined an interview, but released a statement that said, "We all need to pitch in to get us through these challenging economic times. University of Hawaii executives are more than willing to do their share."

The UH Regents take up the pay cuts for the executives on Thursday.

Top 15 UH Salaries:

  • Medical School Dean Dr. Jerris Hedges $469,680
  • President M.R.C. Greenwood $427,512
  • Director of Cancer Research Center Michelle Carbone $379,056
  • Law School Dean Aviam Soifer $374,928
  • Director of Institute of Astronomy Rolf-Peter Kudritzki $351,696
  • Shidler College of Business Dean V. Vance Roley $349,488
  • Manoa Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw $337,632
  • UH Hilo's College of Pharmacy Dean John Pezzuto $317,664
  • School of Engineering Dean Peter Crouch $300,792
  • Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education Gary Ostrander $295,320
  • Vice President for Academic Planning and Policy Linda Johnsrud $284,808
  • UH Hilo Chancellor Rose Tseng $283,920
  • Vice President for Budget and Finance/Chief Financial Officer Howard Todo $260,208
  • School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology Dean Brian Taylor $244,608
  • School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene Dean Mary Boland $242,040
  • Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Francisco Hernandez $229,800
  • Vice President for Information Technology and CIO David Lassner $236,760
  • Research and Cooperative Extension Director and Dean Andrew Hashimoto $231,792
  • Vice Chancellor for Students Francisco Hernandez $229,800 and $26,688 in stipends
  • UH Manoa Athletics Director James Donovan $$223,200


UH Executive Salaries

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