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He's a Dog Gone Animal

A Chicago man faces charges after he allegedly tossed his step daughter's dog to its death.
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A Chicago man is facing criminal charges after throwing an older dog off a third floor balcony, apparently because the dog was barking

"I'm devastated," said Vanessa Tamarit, the dog's owner. When she found, Coco, her 17-year-old Labrador Retriever he was shaking in the gangway. He was probably laying there for up to 30 minutes, she said.

Tamarit's stepfather, 45-year-old Lawrence Juliano, is charged with animal torture and aggravated cruelty to animals.

Coco lived with Juiano, who recently was laid off from the city, along Tamarit's mother and siblings in the 1300 block of N. Wolcott Avenue. Tamarit says her stepfather," is still denying it and trying to say he was set up." Tamarit was not there at the time, only her younger brother who she says is deaf-mute.

While this happened two weeks ago, police say Juliano was taken into custody after officers learned he was positively identified as the person who picked the dog up and threw him from a third story porch.

"For him to do something like this to an innocent dog in his last days is inhumane, that's why I'm following through with pressing charges," Tamarit said. "He shouldn't get away with this."