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Mother Understands Cancer Cluster Worries

A Port St. Lucie mother who knows the worries of a cancer cluster offers advice for families going through the investigation in the Acreage.
/ Source: WPBF-TV

Dylan Picariello

, 13, knows how to battle brain cancer. Diagnosed at 3, he's lived far longer than the doctors ever predicted. And while chemotherapy and radiation left him paralyzed and on a respirator, Dylan lives every moment enjoying his new teenager status.

"I like doing crafts," said Picariello.

Picariello's mother, Sharon, and other parents of children with cancer, have long suspected a cancer cluster. And while no evidence of one was ever proven, Sharon Picariello thinks the community needs to be more demanding about what's in our environment.

"As parents and as communities, we need to educate ourselves and go to a greener world. Go to healthier energy sources, be aware of our cooking habits and fuel habits," said Picariello.

She has been watching the anguish in the Acreage in Palm Beach County as families wait for the outcome of a cancer investigation.

"I cried. I cried. I feel so sad for those families and the community. That was the worst day in my life when the doctor said to me your doctor has a brain tumor. They have got a rough road ahead of them," said Picariello.

"On the oncology wing, and every time we are there, there isn't an empty bed. And the clusters are not in St. Lucie, the Acreage, Miami-Dade, they're all over, they're all over, we should not have this many kids with cancer," said Picariello

Despite the lasting damage from chemo and radiation, Dylan has blossomed into a teenager with passions for games and racing. And his spirit is so strong that he offers encouragement for other little ones in the fight of their lives.

"God will always be around you," said Dylan.

"That's good advice," his mom answered.

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