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Ashland Artist Recipent of a One of a Kind Benefit

Tonight we bring you the story of a Northwest Wisconsin family and a community that has rallied around one of their own. Trevor Roy brings us this story of bad luck and healing.
/ Source: KBJR-TV

David Genszler's art can be seen across Northwestern Wisconsin, from sculptures to murals David is one of the regions most well known artists.

But in April of this year David's art career and life were in jeopardy after a freak accident.

Elizabeth Madsen Genszler said "My husband David Genszler who's a community artist had an accident at home and broke his neck."

The accident left David paralyzed. He has spent the last four months at Miller-Dwan Hospital in Duluth undergoing rehabilitation.

David has trouble speaking and breathing and cannot move his limbs.

The Genszlers live in Ashland so the distance between them is difficult, but if there's one thing to say about this remarkable family is that they've kept there sense of humor intact.

Elizabeth continues "The most famous was when David... I wasn't sure what part of his anatomy was his problem and the nurse and I started to giggle because for the life of me couldn't tell if it was eyes or ass."

Now the Genszeler's and the Ashland community have banded together for a one of a kind benefit for David.

David'd Daughter Grace said 'Making art and sculptures for the David Genszler art show and parade."

On August twenty-ninth an art parade featuring some of David's art along with art crafted by community members will be held in Ashland, they hope to raise 25-thousand dollars so David can come home.

Debra Lewis, co-chair of David's Parade said "It evolved into what can we do as a community to come around the family and help them out and it's become first of all we wanted it to be artistic in honor of David, we wanted it to be fun and we wanted it to be a meaningful way to raise money."

David is grateful to Ashland for how they've supported his family.

"I'm so thankful for the town that I'm living in, they appreciate over the years for what I have done for public art."

David is unable to attend the benefit in his honor this weekend, but he hopes to be back in his home in Ashland by Christmas.

The parade for David starts at 4 p.m. tomorrow at the Bretting Center in Ashland