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Tornado confirmed in Canandaigua

/ Source: WHEC-TV

A brief, but violent storm ripped through Canandaigua Saturday.

The storm brought down trees, power lines and tossed sailboats around a marina. Several ended up in a pile near the dock. At least two landed in the water and sank.

"It was scary. I had never seen anything like that before," said Jane Bobsein. "You couldn't see outside it was just swirling."

The storm hit just after 1 p.m. and only lasted for a few minutes. Kathleen Wantuck was just a few doors down.

"Just sheets of rain coming down," said Wantuck. "You could barely see anything and it was really loud!"

Chief Matthew Snyder, of the Canandaigua Fire Department said they sent a helicopter up to survey the damage.

"When we got here we realized it was more than just rain damage," said Snyder.

The Canandaigua Yacht Club was hit the hardest. Downed trees blocked the entrance to the club. Rich Testa was at a party at the club.

"You now have a feel if you lived in Florida for a little bit of a hurricane and it is kind of frightening," said Testa.

The National Weather Service determined late Saturday night that it was a tornado, but a mild one.

If you have pictures from the storm, email them