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"Celebrity" Babies Take Manhattan

No need to go to the West Coast to get a celebrity-look-alike baby --Hollywood-worthy sperm is coming to New York.
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Just when you thought you'd have to move to the West Coast to get a celebrity-look-alike baby, Hollywood-worthy sperm is coming to New York.

Fertility clinic California Cryobank in July announced a new service that allows potential mothers to pick seed donors who resemble certain stars -- a "Celebrity-Look-A-Like" sperm bank. But it was previously only available in Los Angeles.

Now Cryobank is opening an outpost in Manhattan, after acquiring Park Avenue Fertility, a relatively small location at 30 Park Ave., Daily Intel first reported.

"The number one client question we get is: 'Who does this donor look like?' " said Scott Brown of California Cryobank, when they first announced their service.."We decided this would be a great way to give thorough and consistent answers. Clients love it."

Now Manhattan mommies can raise little Tom Hankses, Tom Bradys, or even Tom Sizemores.

Brown said the sperm bank is choosy, accepting fewer than 1 percent of people who apply to be donors. The screening process includes genetic testing, regular blood tests, a three-generation family medical history, and a sperm count/quality in the top 15 percent of the population, he said.

A group of employees spent six months putting together the photos and matching them to donors.

Clients can search for attributes such as height or eye and hair color, and the database will return a list of donors who each have two or three celebrity look-alikes. Users also can choose from an existing library of celebrities to generate a list of matching donors, according to California Cyrobank, which was started in 1977.