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Today launched “Dose of Reality,” a comprehensive online guide to health care reform.  The community-focused news resource, available at, will help millions of Americans cut through the confusion surrounding the health care reform debate.

“Dose of Reality” provides consumers with one easy-to-use destination where they can find the latest news, original video, expert analysis, community forums and interactive tools on health care.

“Health care reform has the potential to touch the lives of every single American,” said Health Editor Julia Sommerfeld. “Our readers don’t want to just sit back and read the headlines on this most personal of politics stories. They want to join the discussion, frame the debate and have their specific issues addressed.”

That’s why the site invites readers to help direct’s reporting on health care issues:

  • Unsure if newsmakers are telling the truth or fudging the facts? Send the claims you’d like investigated to Each day, politics reporter, Tom Curry, will fact-check them in the interactive fact-or-fiction tool “Your daily dose.”
  • Curious to see how young people will be impacted by the proposals? How much end-of-life care costs? Way to cut your out-of-pocket health spending? Just ask. will put these topics and many more to a vote, and report on the issues you most care about. The site will personalize the national debate by sharing compelling individual stories selected from audience submissions.
  • Consumers are encouraged to push the discussion forward by sending questions, ideas, and solutions to or by sharing them on Newsvine () or Twitter (; tag questions with #DoseOfReality.)

The site also will help readers parse the politics. “Americans are craving straightforward answers to complicated questions – about health care legislation, the process, and the politics behind it all. We give our users those answers – all in one place – not just a play-by-play of the latest political battle,” said Politics Editor Lauren Vicary.