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Calif. Team Wins Little League World Series

Many in San Diego thought they could bring it home and boy did they bring it home.
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They are the champions. The baby blue bombers just won the Little League World series by beating the team from China.

In front of more than 30,000 people in Williamsport and many more watching around the world, the Park View Little League team became the first team from San Diego County to win the Little League World series in more than 40 years.

And they did it without their trademark homeruns.

The team came back from down 3-0 to go ahead 6-3 and then held on in the final inning.

China's back-to-back homeruns in the third gave them the momentum and a three one lead, however a two run lead is not much against Chula Vista.

Park View were not looking like their usual selves at the top of the fourth inning, but by the bottom of the fourth it was a different story. In the bottom of the forth Chula Vista was able to get a little closer making it 3-2.

Up next, Kiko Garcia, who gets ahead with a 2-1 count. Taiwan's catcher let's one get away, allowing just enough time for the player on third to steal home. As Luke Ramirez approaches the box, Taiwan's coach signs for the pitcher to walk him. Now with two out Bulla Graff singles to right field allowing Chula Vista to go ahead 4-3.

In the fifth inning the crowd was chanting “P-V-L-L” and the team listened. They weren’t giving anything up.

Kiko Garcia strikes the first batter out in the fifth. The first pitch to the second batter hits him on his elbow pad, and he takes his base. With a 1-1 count to the third batter of the inning, the batter took a ball in his arm. Garcia walks the next batter, Hung, and the bases are loaded in the top of the fifth.

The next batter falls behind 1-2 in the count, and swings on the fourth pitch, hitting the ball to the short stop-who tags the runner from second to third out. The runner on third barrels for home as the short stop throws the ball to first. It was close, but the first base ump calls the runner out -- Chula Vista is still ahead!

Bottom of the fifth, the Parkview's first batter hits the ball past the short stop, getting a single. The second batter pops one up to the left fielder making it one out. The fourth pitch to the next batter is wild and the runner on first steals second.

The next batter strikes out. Two out in the bottom of the fifth, Seth Godfrey comes up to bat. He connects with the ball driving it deep down the left field line. Rios comes up to bat and hits a line drive to left field. It comes up just short of Taiwan's left fielder and Chula Vista gets another run. Now they are ahead by three -- making the score 3-6.

Kiko Garcia is up and gets a single-creating the Taiwanese's team's worst nightmare. Bases loaded and Luke Ramirez is up to bat. He gets ahead of the count 3-1 and connects sending on deep -- really deep to center field. Thoughts of a Grand Slam run through everyone's heads but it wasn't meant to be. The center fielder catches the ball, ending the inning.

Top of the sixth, if Park View can stay with it for one more half inning, the championship is theirs. Garcia strikes the first two batters out. Chula Vista is just one batter away from Kuan-Sheng Huang comes to bat and the count becomes 2-2.

On the fifth pitch, Garcia's pitch pegs him and Huang takes first, staring down Garcia as he heads to the base. Garcia is visibly ready to end the game and the team comes to the mound to encourage him. He strikes next batter strikes out and Chula Vista wins!

Parkview players storm to the mound and tackle Garcia. Their dream has come true!

Chula Vista is the first team from San Diego County to win the Little League World Series in more than forty years. It was 1961 when the La Mesa/El Cajon Northern team beat a team from Texas 4-2 to win it all.

The boys are heading home to a proud Chula Vista and an exciting future. They have left a mark on this tournament that will unlikely be passed any time soon.