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You Always Wanted to Live Next to Water

Six homes being built in Silver Spring lie in the shadow of a water tower, but the listings don't show it.
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With southern Montgomery County becoming more and more densely developed every year, the common perception among residents is that developers will cram homes in just about any parcel of land they can find.

Not doing anything to dispel that notion are six homes being built in the Montgomery Hills section of Silver Spring, which feature all the amenities that typify suburban splendor: granite countertops, hardwood flooring, all the nines.

The problem is, that they all run right up against a massive water tower and sit behind the Seminary Place shopping center. Is that a safety hazard? Probably not. But very likely an eyesore.

And one that isn't being honestly presented, as Just Up the Pike points out that the sellers are trying to pretend the water tower, which stands roughly 20 feet from the backyard fence of one of the homes, simply doesn't exist.

Just check the listing. Poof!

Where once there was a water tower, now there is nothing. Which means any prospective buyer is in for a rather sizeable surprise when they come by the inspect the property.

But, hey, maybe it holds a certain municipal charm for some people.