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16-Year-Old Girl To Be Charged As Adult

A 16-year-old girl accused of shooting a man to death waived her preliminary hearing Tuesday.
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A 16-year-old girl who prosecutors say should be planning her prom is instead facing criminal homicide charges.

IMAGES: Suspect Walk, Victim, Shooting Scene

Sasha Hernandez is charged with criminal homicide in the death of Steven Santiago, 20. Santiago was shot and killed outside Hernandez's family's apartment on Eighth and Chestnut streets in Lebanon on July 31.

Hernandez, who will be charged as an adult, shuffled into court Tuesday, her hands and feet shackled and a cross hanging around her neck. She ended up waiving the preliminary hearing.

VIEWER PICTURES:Ambulances, Shooting Scene

Hernandez, who is being charged as an adult, faces other charges, including causing a riot, disorderly conduct and a firearms violation.

News 8 spoke to Senior Deputy District Attorney Bob McAteer about Hernandez's case -- and her age.

"It's always disturbing when you have a 16-year-old. I mean, she should be more concerned about going to the prom than she should be about shooting guys noontime on a busy street in Lebanon," he said.

Hernandez's mother, Rosa Lopez, was also jailed on gun charges. Police said they think she was involved in a fight that led to the shooting.

Officials have not said what the fight was about, or how Hernandez got a gun.

Hernandez's next court date is set for early October. Until then, she is being held without bail in the Lebanon County Correctional Facility.

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