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Students Head Back to School; Teachers Prepare for Swine Flu>

Students returned to school in Milwaukee and so do concerns over swine flu.
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Students returned to school in Milwaukee and so do concerns over swine flu.

MILWAUKEE - School is back in session and as students return to the classroom, so do concerns about swine flu.

Just ask Mrs. Heather Petersons. We caught up with her Tuesday morning, as she got ready for another year at Bruce Elementary School.

We found out she's preparing more than just a lesson plan.

"We'll just make sure to keep hands clean and re-teach to cough in your elbow and follow standard procedures," said Petersons.

She and other teachers received bottles of hand sanitizer Tuesday and will continue to do so all year long because it's one of the best defenses against swine flu.

"We want parents to know as their children come to school to really monitor your child for illness," said Kathleen Murphy, the school district's health coordinator.

She claims schools are ready for a potential swine flu outbreak. And if a student does come down with the disease, the district will not close down schools like it did in the spring.

"Right now, the CDC is recommending to keep sick kids home. If a sick child comes to school we will send them home but closing school is not on the agenda right now," said Murphy.

But some experts predict a much more serious outbreak of swine flu this fall with tens of thousands possibly infected in the U.S.

And that has parents keeping a closer eye on their children. "Especially because I have the younger one. He's only two. It scares me," said parent Kristin Schiller.

It's why school officials are urging parents to teach good hygiene at home, something that could stop the spread of swine flu from making it to the classroom.

And that's exactly what parent Latasha Marshall will do in hopes of keeping her daughter healthy. "I'm hoping this year it's kept under control," she said.