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Olympic Bidders Make a Bundle

Daley decries exorbitant salaries, before he realizes that he probably helped some people get those salaries.
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A handful of top Olympics staffers are paid exorbitant salaries.

Mayor Daley’s not happy about.

“Some are unacceptable. You know that. But like anything else, they were put together with private money. They compete [with] the private sector,” Daley said at a press event today. “I think they have to re-evaluate that … I just think so. Especially in this economy, they have to really realize. I’d rather have more people working, quality people in good salaries.”

Many of the highly paid people are Daley associates, according to the Sun-Times.

Daley’s former chief-of-staff, Lori Healey, received a 41 percent pay raise -- to $250,000-a-year--when she signed on as president of Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid, the Sun-Times reports.

Daley backed off the comments as soon as they left his mouth.

“I just said overall they have to look at that,” he said. “Let’s first get this. Let’s not start criticizing them. You’re way ahead of the ball. This is tough competition … One thing at a time.”

A few other high-salaries of note break down thusly:

Chief Operating Officer David Bolger ($300,000) Chief Bid Officer John Murray ($250,000) Doug Arnot, venue and operations ($250,000) Chief Financial Officer Rick Ludwig ($200,000) Chief Governance Officer Kevann Cooke ($200,000). Valerie Waller, marketing and communications ($190,000) Cassandra Francis, Olympic Village planning ($175,000) International relations specialist Deb Fiddelke ($150,000) Patricia Rios, administration ($135,000) Full Coverage: Chicago's 2016 Olympic Bid