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Rockin' Rory ready to wow audience again

Andrea Morehead/Eyewitness News
/ Source: WTHR-TV

Andrea Morehead/Eyewitness News

Update: To vote for Rory, call 1-866-602-4805 between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. You can vote up to 10 times. You can also text "VOTE" to 4805. (Standard text messaging rates apply.)

New Castle - An Indiana man and his dog are one step away from winning a million dollars and headlining in Las Vegas.

Rockin' Rory and his owner, Tony Hoard of New Castle, took to the stage of "America's Got Talent" Tuesday night. Hoard told Eyewitness News before the show they were going to bring their "A-game."

"We gotta have just a near perfect round to impress them and hopefully, we'll have that round," he said.

One frisbee after another Tuesday night, Rory was "rockin'," catching the tosses and landing the hearts of the judges and fans.

"He will work his rear end off for me, so I gotta match his enthusiasm and his drive," Hoard said.

He hopes it drives the pair to Las Vegas to see their name in lights.

"To do the disc dog shows full-time and get out there and entertain people, because it's something that I really enjoy doing and I've always told people that I believe Rory was put on this earth to entertain," Hoard said.

They won't know until tomorrow night if they captured enough votes to move on to the finals. But if they don't, it won't stop them.

"You can't be down on yourself when things don't go your way, you gotta keep your head up and keep on plugging, because if one door closes surely the goodness, another door is gonna open up and it might be a better situation in the long run," Hoard said.

The pair needs more support from Hoosiers.

"They stood behind us and I appreciate it so much. We're going to do our darndest to make them happy and make them proud of us," Hoard said. "Because I'm so proud of Indiana, it's so unreal."

For Hoard, he can't believe his charity for a once homeless dog has found them a home on stage.

"Rory has done so much for me, created so many opportunities, opened so many doors that, in my lifetime, I'll never be able to repay him," Hoard said. "I never ever thought, in my wildest dreams, that we would be able to ever represent Indiana."

They're representing the state and wowing the crowds with their tricks. Their last appearance made fans gasp, however, as Rockin' Rory was a little rocky during the butterfly throw routine.

"Where the end of the frisbee or disc rotates on an axis, hand over hand, instead of flying flat and it's really a neat thing when you see it happen, when the dog catches it," Hoard said.

Rory didn't catch it, but he saved himself from falling off the stage.

"It came through his legs and I did another butterfly toss and it bounced off his mouth and that's where it went over the edge. Luckily, I got Rory back and he was able to finish strong," Hoard said.

Hoard isn't giving up many details about the duo's next routine.

"Only thing I can really say on that is, I want everybody to tune into the show, because it's a secret," he said. "It's the kind of mystique of what's gonna happen. It's gonna be fun, it's gonna be cool and we're gonna have a lot of fun this round."

He says their chances are great with Hoosiers by their side.

"Just let Indiana know we appreciate them so much," Hoard said.