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Chicago is The Most Stressful City: Forbes

11% unemployment in June, the second-worst air quality, and a densely packed population. We rock.
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Chicago's first ... and for the second time. But locals may not like this accolade.

The Windy City's the most stressful city in the nation, according to Forbes, which recently published its second annual report on overextended Americans.

"With an 11% unemployment rate in June, the second-worst air quality in the country, and a population density of 1,342 people per square mile, the windy city tops the list," reads the magazine's Top 40 list.

Rounding out the top five were #5 Providence(12.1% unemployment), #4 Cleveland ("only 162 sunny days in 2007"), #3 New York (highest cost of living), and #2 Los Angeles (huge decline in home values).

To rank cities by stress, Forbes examined quality of life factors, including June 2009 unemployment figures, median home-price drops from Q1 2008 to Q1 2009, population density based on 2008 data, air-quality indices, and the number of sunny and partly sunny days per year.