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Are Unemployment Benefits Running Out?

/ Source: KARK 4 News

Arkansas' one of 20 states in the U.S. getting advances from the federal government to pay benefits for more than 41 thousand Arkansans on unemployment. The state's paying out 12 to 13 million dollars a week. But, with those benefits possibly coming to an end soon, across the country, Carmen Wong Ulrich has some tips for those of you struggling to find work. Millions of Americans have been able to take advantage of the extension of unemployment benefits from a standard 26 weeks to as long as 79 weeks in many states. However, as the recession continues, around 1.5 million unemployed are going to exhaust benefits by the end of this year, before finding full-time work. There has been talk by the administration of even further extending these benefits, but that additional stimulus may take time or not pass. So, if you find yourself one of the 1.5 million seeing an end soon to your payments, or, even if you have many more months to go, it's time to go into emergency-money mode. "First, check with your local unemployment office to make sure you don't qualify for additional benefits. Then, ask: what adjustments will you have to make when the checks stop?" If you've depended on unemployment checks to make ends meet, pursue part-time work as soon as possible to replace it so you can maintain your household at a minimum. Try your best to stay away from getting into debt or raiding your retirement. If you can, start trying to survive month-to-month or week-to-week without that check. Preparing for that scenario now, will set you up well for what lies ahead. For more information on unemployment benefits in Arkansas, call the state labor department. Read more