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What's Going Around: Suspected Swine Flu, Upper Respiratory Infections

We're still weeks away from the official start of the cold and flu season. But, try telling that to the dozens of people lined up in the doctor's office. LOCAL 15’s Varion Walton has more of what's going around
/ Source: WPMI-TV

( Mobile , Ala. ) Sept. 1 -- August is usually pretty slow, but we’ve definitely seen an increase in the number of patients, said Dee Dee Kidd, D.O. and Senior Physician at Mobile Family Care Center on Nevius Road in Tillman’s Corner. August may have been slow, but the start of September is really heating up. ”We just went from nothing to all of a sudden it hit and we've been really, really busy,” Dr. Kidd said. Busy because now she’s seeing almost 40 patients a day, most of which she suspects have flu. “Though we don’t for sure because the state is no later testing, we pretty sure because almost everything that is flu is coming back as 'Flu “A' or H1N1”, said Kidd. In West Mobile we find the numbers are even higher. Dr. Dwight Yoder tells LOCAL 15 News he treated 70 patients last week at Pediatric Partners on University Drive . Many are patients Dr. Yoder suspects have swine flu, others he treated with upper respiratory infections. Further North in Saraland, Dr. Mark McDaniel lists flu, upper respiratory infections, nausea, vomiting, colds and fever. This week, more of this highly contagious disease infecting a large number of people in a small amount of time. “Quite frankly they way I ask a lot of people, I ask do you feel like they've been hit by a truck, if they have the flu they say yes,” said Dr. Kidd.

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