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Man Accused of Forcing Woman to Marry Him

/ Source: The Associated Press

A man dragged his girlfriend from her apartment by her hair and forced her to marry him in hopes that it would prevent her from testifying against him in a criminal case, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Gregory Hogg, 41, apparently believed that a law that spouses cannot be forced to testify against each other would prevent Cheryl Skaggs from taking the stand, prosecutor Rachel Hutzel said.

But Skaggs, 43, can still testify if she wants, Hutzel said.

Hogg had been accused of threatening two employees of a bar after he was ejected for disorderly behavior Aug. 15.

The two were married Oct. 3; Hogg was arrested on Oct. 13 after Skaggs managed to alert a police officer, Hutzel said.

Hogg was indicted Monday on charges including kidnapping, domestic violence and intimidation of a witness. He was jailed on $352,000 bail.