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Facebook down for some users

Some Facebook users had trouble accessing the social networking site Monday, while others  could not access some features. Officials said they are working quickly to fix the problems.

Some Facebook users had trouble accessing the social networking site Monday, and others who said they were able to log on could not access some features on their personal pages. Officials said they are working to fix the problems as quickly as they can.

"My Facebook account says it has been 'temporarily disabled'... and now it feels like my whole life has been 'temporarily disabled' ... yikes," tweeted Brendan McCarthy of Nashville, Tenn. on Twitter, the microblogging site where news of such woes often travels fast.

Problems were not just in the United States. "Facebook is annoying. I've had '2 event invitations' sitting there for hours but everytime I click on them, it just refreshes the home page," tweeted another Facebook user, Emma Blades of London.

Facebook spokeswoman Elizabeth Linder said that "some users are experiencing errors across a number of site features. This includes content occasionally disappearing, difficulty logging in or viewing profiles, and error messages when posting content."

The company, she said, is "working to resolve these issues as soon as possible."

The site does "not have any specific statistics" on the degree of the problem, Linder said.

Facebook recently announced it has 300 million users worldwide, the largest social networking site in the world. The site — where members can post photos, videos and information about friends, co-workers and loved ones — doubled its membership in the last nine months.

Some of that growth has come with problems. The site has been fertile ground for phishing scams, as well as viruses and other malicious software.