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The ‘Weldon’ Korea plan


Five simultaneous Actions to Begin the Peace Process

1. The U.S. shall enter into a 1 year non-aggression pact with the DPRK.

2. The DPRK shall officially renounce its entire nuclear weapons and research program allowing for full and unimpeded inspections of its nuclear facilities. The inspections should result in a full inventory of DPRK nuclear facilities and locations including underground facilities. The inspections will be conducted by a designee of the United States government and will include a compete inventory of the DPRK’s nuclear weapons and materials.

3. The DPRK must rejoin the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

4. The U.S., DPRK, South Korea, Japan, Russia and China (the Korean Peace Coalition), shall negotiate and ratify a comprehensive Korean economic development and security initiative to promote investment, economic growth, trade and humanitarian aid on the Korean Peninsula. Funding levels for the initiative must be in the range of S3-5 billion per year for the next 10 years. The cost of the initiative will be funded by the five member nations of the Korean Peace Coalition with participation from European partners. The largest percentage of the cost for the initiative should be provided by Japan and South Korea.

5. The U.S. shall officially recognize the government of the DPRK and open a mission in Pyongyang.


Following the end of one year or the agreed upon time frame and the satisfactory completion of the inspection of DPRK facilities and locations, compilation of nuclear weapon and material inventories and ratification of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

1. The U.S. non-aggression pact becomes permanent.

2. DPRK shall sign the Missile Technology Control Regime.

3. The DPRK shall agree to observer status with the Helsinki Commission and lays out a timeframe for improving humanitarian rights in North Korea.

4. A multi-lateral cooperative threat reduction program shall be developed by the five member nations of the Korean Peace Coalition to remove all DPRK nuclear weapons, materials, resources and capabilities within two years.

5. The United States Congress shall establish a direct inter-parliamentary relationship with members of North Korea’s Supreme People’s Assembly for the express purpose of developing a plan to implement a broad range of comprehensive recommendations in the following areas:

Agricultural Development

Cultural/Educational Development

Defense and Security

Economic Development

Energy/Natural Resources

Environmental Cooperation

Health Care

Judicial/Legal Systems

Local Governments

Science and Technology

Space and Aeronautics

The recommendations shall be implemented by NGO’s, academic institutions, National Associations, Health Care Organizations, and the United States Government.