Last Titanic survivor's ashes scattered at port

Bruno Nordmanis, the longtime companion of Millvina Dean, on Saturday scatters her ashes at the terminal where the Titanic set sail at Southampton Docks, England. Johnny Green / AP
/ Source: The Associated Press

The ashes of the last Titanic survivor have been scattered at the English port where the ship began its ill-fated maiden voyage in 1912.

Millvina Dean, who was 9 weeks old when her parents took her aboard the ship, died May 31 at age 97.

Her ashes were scatted on Saturday by her partner, Bruno Nordmanis, on the water at Southampton Docks in southern England.

About 150 people including members of the British Titanic Society and friends of Dean gathered for the ceremony. David Hill, of the British Titanic Society, said Dean "was a lovely lady, and anyone who met her would say exactly the same."