Spain: Internet-related child porn on the rise

/ Source: The Associated Press

Spain says Internet-related child pornography has risen tenfold in the past five years.

Francisco Villanueva of the Interior Ministry says the number of cases has gone from 108 in 2004 to 1,024 last year.

Other Internet-related crimes also rose.

Villanueva said Thursday that hacking has risen from 92 to 447 cases, and that bank fraud has more than doubled in the same period, from 509 cases to 1,954.

He says piracy of intellectual property decreased slightly from 330 to 298 cases, but that if more resources are not dedicated to policing piracy, Spain could lose up to 300,000 jobs. Spain's music industry reported a 60 percent income loss in the last two years.

Villanueva says Spain's cyber crime levels are similar to those of neighboring European countries.