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Kate 2.0 Subpoenaed

Kate Major's from Glenview? Who knew.
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Kate 2.0 has been subpoenaed.

TLC's production company wants to know what Jon Gosselin's ex-girlfriend and former Star magazine reporter, Kate Major, knows about the former "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star's dealings with other media organizations.

Major, a Glenview resident, is believed to be "in possession of information and/or records" relevant to the ongoing breach of contract lawsuit filed in Maryland against Gosselin.

Kate is apparently only too happy to testify.

The network's production company, Discovery Talent Services, sued Gosselin in October.

According to the complaint, Gosselin signed a new deal in 2008 for "Jon & Kate Plus 8" that provided his services and his family's services in taping and promoting the program exclusively.

The deal promised he wouldn't do anything inappropriate that offended "social conventions or public morals or decency" or bring TLC into "public disrepute, contempt, scandal or ridicule."

The contract also obligated him to maintain confidentiality of business or operational information concerning the show, and stipulated he would not endorse products or services competitive to the program.

DTS says Gosselin has breached that contract several times, and may have been compensated for "appearances, interviews, statements, photographic rights, or other services" he gave to Entertainment Tonight, E! News, CNN's Larry King Live and People Magazine, among others.

The subpoena calls for her to give deposition testimony and produce any documents relating to the suit to lawyers next month. has a .pdf of the paperwork, which was filed Monday in Cook County Circuit Court.

Jon, meanwhile, plans to reportedly countersue, arguing the TLC contract is overly restrictive.