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MSNBC Video releases its next generation embed player!

The following page contains test cases for the embed player v2
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The following some of the test cases for Email and Embed options on the new Embed Player V2.

The test case sets ( A through D ) are valid you when take the embed code and paste into a CDATA doc, then take the CDATA doc place it in a story's main art or body.

A. Start State

1. Verify there is the video's headline to the bottom with the date specified and a thumbnail appearing on the video when the clip is first embedded into the story page

B. Play State

1. Once the video starts playing, verify the upper and lower bars disappear. And, they re-appear once the mouse comes into the video frame

C. Pause State

1. Verify the upper source bar and lower control bar stays intact on the screen during this state

D. End State

1. Verify that the video screen flips to playlist screen with thumnails once the video reaches the end.

E. Search Box

1. When the playlist screen is flipped to playlist thumbnails, there is a search box where you can enter text. Verify anytime you enter text and click the find/lens logo, a new windows appears with the search string and the embedded videos comes to halt.

Source Logo

1. Click the upper left hand corner logo and a new window should pop up with the logo's player as URL ( for ex: logo will open main player, msnbc tv logo will open msnbc tv player etc )

2. Click the upper right hand corner logo and a new window should pop up with logo's home page ( for ex: will open web page, cnbc will open web page, nbcsports will open web page etc )


1. On the embedded player, click the playlist and the video screen flips to the thumbnails

2. Hover over any thumbnail in the playlist, the video headline appears on the top source bar for each thumbnail

3. Click "return to video" should the screen back to the playing video

4. Clicking on the playlist thumbnail should play that video right away


1. While the video is playing, click the “Share” button and verify the video stops right away

2. Click the ‘Share” button, verify the embed code is available to copy      

3. Verify the default option to copy is always 420 px width.

4. Verify the share options control box closes by clicking either the close label or x

5. Verify the “Copy” button copies the embed code

6. Verify that by clicking the different sizes of the boxes, the embed code changes for the size of the box clicked

7. Drag the handlers to verify if the embed code changes

8. Click the share button on the video player and make sure the options for Facebook and Twitter work

9. Verify that the Preview button plays the video from the start to end handler.

1. Click the “Email” button and verify if it opens up the Outlook if your browser is configured to open Outlook as its email option

2. Click the “Email” button and verify if it opens up whatever the client’s IE browser is configured its email choice as

3. Click the “Email” button and verify the playing video comes to halt/pause.