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First Read - Political Schedule 11/11/2003

First Read - Political Schedule is a schedule prepared by NBC News’ political unit, for NBC News, outlining upcoming political events and giving readers an inside look at NBC’s schedule for covering the day in politics.
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Today (all times ET)
: signs the Fallen Patriots Tax Relief Act at 10:10 am, lays a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery at 10:55 am, makes remarks on Veterans’ Day at 11:10 am, makes remarks at the Heritage Foundation President’s Club luncheon at 1:15 pm, and signs the National Cemetery Expansion Act of 2003 at 2:10 pm. (No gaggle or briefing.)
Clark: in New Hampshire, visits the Manchester VA Medical Center at 11:30 am, does a “Conversations with Clark” event at 1:00 pm, and meets with members of the Franklin VFW at 6:00 pm to participate in a candlelight memorial march. (Embed Marisa Buchanan covers.)
Dean: speaks on foreign policy at the Iowa City of Foreign Relations Council at 10:00 am, meets with veterans at 12:45 pm in Ottumwa, meets with Wapello Democrats at 1:15 pm and with Des Moines County Democrats at 3:30 pm, then heads to Portland, OR for a campaign event at 8:20 pm and a reception at 10:05 pm. (Embed Felix Schein covers.)
Edwards: no public events.
Gephardt: fundraises in DC.
Kerry: breakfasts with veterans at 12:15 pm in Phoenix, does a “Veterans for Kerry” MeetUp at 12:00 noon and a Veterans’ Day parade at 1:00 pm, then tapes The Tonight Show in Burbank, CA.
Kucinich: addresses students and does Q&A at Drake University in Des Moines at 4:00 pm.
Lieberman: in Oklahoma, keynotes at the Comanche County Veterans Council Veterans’ Day ceremony in Elgin at 1:00 pm, hosts a roundtable discussion with veterans in Oklahoma City at 5:00 pm, then meets with local supporters and activists in Norman at 7:15 pm. (Embed Dionne Scott covers.)
Moseley Braun: in Chicago, meets with the Veterans’ Administration at 11:00 am and makes remarks. (Embed Angela Miles covers.)
Sharpton: is in New York; no public events.
Congress: The Senate meets at 10:45 am; the House is not in session. 

Bush, in DC, does a photo op with new EPA Administrator at 10:45 am, participates in a medal ceremony for the NATO Secretary General at 11:50 am, and does the National Medal of Arts Awards at 5:00 pm. Clark, in New Hampshire, does a “Conversations with Clark” in Lebanon at 9:15 pm, hosts a discussion at a retirement home at 10:45 in Hanover, and has another “Conversations with Clark” to talk about national security with students at Dartmouth College at 12:30 pm. Gephardt fundraises in New Jersey and Boston. Kerry campaigns in Manchester, NH with a press avail on the environment at 12 noon and another event at 3:30 pm. Kucinich is in DC; no public events. Lieberman is in DC; no public events. Moseley Braun fundraises in Chicago. Sharpton addresses American University College of Law students in DC at 12 noon, with a reception at 1:00 pm.

Bush headlines a Bush-Cheney fundraiser in Buena Vista, FL at 12:05 pm, makes remarks on Medicare, and does another fundraiser in Fort Myers at 6:05 pm. Clark does the Merrimack County Fall Harvest Dinner in Bow, NH at 6:30 pm. Dean campaigns in New Hampshire. Gephardt fundraises in New Hampshire and Boston. Kerry, in New Hampshire, does a press event in Concord at 10:45 am and a campaign stop in Manchester at 12 noon. Lieberman is in DC; no public events. Moseley Braun fundraises in Chicago.