Who needs a resume? Tweet earned him a job

/ Source: msnbc.com

You knew it was going to come to this.

One marketing company, BFG Communications, had job applicants for a social media position apply with a single post on Twitter.

No resume, no cover letter. Just a tweet.

The winning one?

The tweet, and links pointing to his blog and a mock magazine cover, came from Hal Thomas.

"My goal was to be memorable," said Thomas in a phone interview. He wrote that he was freelancing for about two years in social media and graphic design work before landing the gig.

Sloane Kelley, BFG's content director, said Twitter was the "perfect medium" for the company's search.

“The job requires someone to be social media savvy, so by going to Twitter instead of the usual cover letter and resume route, I was able to get a sense of how applicants use social media and, more importantly, how they think,” Kelley said.

She praised Thomas' tweet for showing a sense of humor and for giving her a better understanding of his perspective on social media through a link to his blog.

“Hal’s approach definitely stood out,” Kelley said.

Few employers are going to follow BFG's example.

But still, Thomas' situation can be applied to job seekers who aren't applying for jobs requiring use of Twitter or social media. He is a great example of a job seeker who:

  • Thought about the job he was applying for
  • Geared his pitch to the company’s mission
  • Spent time figuring out the best way to sell himself
  • Took a risk 

This could be the perfect recipe for landing a job in a crummy job market.

Eve Tahmincioglu writes the weekly "Your Career" column for msnbc.com and chronicles workplace issues in her blog, CareerDiva.net, where this story first appeared.