No explosives found in package left at airport

/ Source: The Associated Press

A suspicious package that was found at an Italian airport today has been destroyed, and officials have determined that it contained no explosives.

The parcel was abandoned in a men's bathroom at Milan's Malpensa airport. Officials say it was in the check-in area for charter flights, near the part of the terminal where U.S.-bound passengers check in.

Airport police say the 8-by-4-inch package was scotch-taped all around and had an antenna sticking from it.

Police destroyed the parcel by firing a high-pressure water cannon at it, reducing it to pieces. Police aren't sure what was in the package, but they say it didn't contain explosives.

The scare caused no air traffic disruption at the airport. The area where the parcel was destroyed was cordoned off and passengers were taken to a different check-in area.