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DMV’s no obstacle to a new  license

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A Florida woman successfully had her driver’s license renewed, even after she crashed her car into the Department of Motor Vehicles building in Daytona Beach this week.

DENISE G. BUTTERFIELD told the Daytona Beach News-Journal that her car jumped the curb as she pulled into a handicapped parking space on Thursday. “I never hit the accelerator,” she told the newspaper. “The gas engaged itself.”

The police found nothing out of order with the car, the News-Journal reported.

The incident only left a dark scuff on the building wall and a scrape on Butterfield’s bumper.

However, it did give the DMV officials reason to pay extra attention to Butterfield, who has been driving since 1959.

“It’s better to be safe than sorry,” said Mary Lyn Dance, an examiner at the driver’s license office, explaining that they told Butterfield she had to take her behind-the-wheel and written tests within five days.

The driver was unfazed, taking 30 minutes to complete the computerized test. She missed five questions, but scored well enough to get a passing grade.

Butterfield then went outside and successfully took the driving test, the News-Journal reported.

The only hiccup to what turned out, all things considered, to be a successful visit to the DMV, the police issued Butterfield a citation for careless driving.