The Amber Frey mystique

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What is it about Amber? At the Scott Peterson preliminary hearing, we’ve been listening to hours and hours of testimony from detectives and experts laying out the evidence against and sometimes for Scott Peterson. And while it is very important, I must admit it can get a little dull: DNA, repetitive questions, small points, like any trial or hearing.

But there is something different in the air when they’re talking about Peterson’s former girlfriend, Amber Frey. Even though we learned yesterday that she’s not testifying, detectives have been recounting what she said and now the defense is threatening to subpoena her to testify for them.

I think it’s that human interest side of this story that fascinates many listening to the testimony like jurors might. Why did Scott lie about his marriage? What did he want from Amber? What does it all mean? And that’s why her testimony will also be so important. Not just because she may provide a motive as according to prosecutors, but because she’ll tell a story jurors will not forget. I can tell you from covering this story I already feel like I know Amber as well as some of my closest relatives — the good, the bad, and the ugly of her life, and yet I’ve never met her.

And while it was clearly the right decision for prosecutors not to call her in this hearing, I must admit I am looking forward to hearing her testimony at the trial.