Snow showers in Upper Midwest

Rain and snow showers swept across the Upper Midwest and upper Great Lakes on Monday, and snow was scattered through the mountains of the West.

MOSTLY LIGHT snow and rain showers developed during the early afternoon across parts of Iowa and southern Minnesota, and moved swiftly across Wisconsin into sections of Michigan and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

South of that wet weather, isolated light drizzle formed in parts of eastern Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Indiana.

Showers also were possible during the night in parts of northern Indiana.

In the West, an area of strong low pressure produced snow showers at higher elevations of Washington, Idaho, western Montana, Wyoming, northern Nevada, northern Utah and Colorado.

Snowfall was moderate to heavy in some sections of the Washington Cascades, Colorado Rockies and western Montana, with 3 to 6 inches at elevations above 5,000 feet.

At lower elevations, rain was scattered over western Oregon, parts of Washington, Idaho and northern Utah.

Light showers also formed along a band from southern California through the southern tip of Nevada, western and northern Arizona, southern Utah and western Colorado.

Elsewhere, a cold front produced scattered, light showers in southern Florida.

Monday’s temperatures around the Lower 48 states ranged from a morning low of 3 above zero at Wolf Point, Mont., to a midday reading of 85 at Naples and Key West, Fla. Key West had a heat index, based on temperature and humidity, of 95, and Wolf Point’s wind chill was 2 below zero.

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