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Readers respond to Obama’s State of the Union readers had mixed reactions Wednesday to President Obama's first State of the Union address, blaming everyone from Congress to the president for a "deficit of trust" about how Washington works.

Here's a sample of what some readers said, as they mulled over who's to blame for the current political gridlock and fighting in D.C.:

If private business was run like Congress they would have gone bankrupt. The politicans have wasted time and money with nothing to show! — Dennis

The GOP is hell bent on preventing Obama from succeeding at any cost. Some of the Dems are just as bad for refusing to allow GOP input. GailI blame everyone, including the Americans that put themselves in debt. I blame parties that can't sit in a room and respect each other. That's who I blame. I supported Bush, and I will support Obama. — Gail

Love of money is the main reason for political corruption and stagnation. Politicians need to remember that the government exists "of the people, by the people, and for the people." We need public servants who work for the common good, not to line their own pockets and sell themselves to corporations and special interests. — Grace4life

Obama represents the worst example of a leader. He fails to lead his own party and disguises his ignorance of government by reading obfuscatory telepromter nonsense. He would make a great totalitarian dictator, but not an American statesman. — Seven handicap

The media also shares blame for stirring up as much trouble and animosity as possible for the sake of "ratings" — talk about selling their souls for gold! Between the media, politicians and Hollywood, we don't stand a chance. God help us. — AC

This is our President, This is our Country, We need to stand together and support both. Not tear it apart. I hope the republican response does not try to tear it down. — John Green

It's time to limit terms. No lifetime gimme's for the Pelosi's and Reid's of the world. Both parties are to blame. Each wants it their way with no compromise. Special interests, lobbyists and money controls our government. Is this what Adams, Franklin and Jefferson wanted? I vote NO! — StoneColdMD

Wall Street greed must be contained! Until then, Main Street will continue to lose ground as shareholders prosper at their expense.

Until the people who have been in power for decades step down, it will always be business as usual.

Few Congressman of either party know or care about the people that they represent. Most have sold their soul for gold.

It is easy to say how bad Obama has been but I often wonder what would await the American people if Bush or god forbid, Cheney were in office at this time. There are many groups that should share blame for where we are, but ultimately blame will not help us move forward. We need true bi-partisanship without the influence of corporate america, as that is what has unfortunately helped us to where we are economically and morally. Only together can we move forward and save what remains of our great nation.