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Bylines live on story pages in the c-col


To display a Byline in the c-column of a single story, place the byline component into the "C-COLUMN ABOVE" field on the Story page.  To display the same byline component on every story page in the entire section,  insert the Byline into a Collection doctype then drop said Collection into the "C-COLUMN FIELD (REFERENCED COLLECTIONS ONLY)" of the Section Description document.

Back in the fading years of the 20th Century, before the tech bubble burst, investors made fortunes from just about any dot-com company with enough cash to start a Web site and launch an initial public offering.

Now, after three years of stagnation, there are signs of an IPO revival. But experts doubt it will reach the same crazy heights it did in the 1990s, with an average of nearly five deals per day.

“It’s already back; we’re at the best level in 14 months,” said Ben Holmes, of Protege Funds in Boulder, Colorado. “The backlog is swollen by biotechs, but otherwise it’s fairly broad.”

Benjamin Howe, managing partner of America’s Growth Capital, which specializes in IPOs in the technology field, said the market was right for a new IPO boom.