Cybill Shepherd’s son in court for in-flight theft

/ Source: The Associated Press

Cybill Shepherd's son 22-year-old has appeared in court in Philadelphia on charges he stole money and other items from fellow airline passengers.

Cyrus Shepherd-Oppenheim is a University of Pennsylvania student from Sebastopol, Calif. Police say he stole cash, a camera and other items from carryon luggage during a cross-country United Airlines flight last month.

A judge Thursday set an April 20 trial date on theft and related charges.

Defense lawyer William J. Brennan says similar cases often end with a pretrial diversion program. He says it appears the two victims left the flight with all their belongings.

The Shepherd-Oppenheim is the son of the "Moonlighting" star and her ex-husband, chiropractor Bruce Oppenheim.