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With reports circulating that Dr. Conrad Murray will be charged in connection with Michael Jackson's death, Josh Mankiewicz reports on new details on the investigation into why Jackson died, revealing potentially key evidence that has never been publicly reported in the upcoming, "Dateline: The Secret Life of Michael Jackson," airing this Friday, Feb. 5 (9:00 PM/ET).

While much has been reported since the King of Pop died tragically this past summer, many questions still remain about the four years Michael Jackson all but disappeared from public eye and how Dr. Murray became part of Jackson's life. For the hour, "Dateline" travels from Bahrain to Ireland to uncover the secrets of Jackson's last years, interviews those he spent time with, and reports on how that period in his life may have set the stage for his death. In addition, viewers will hear a phone call from Dr. Murray to one of his patients from the day Jackson died that "Dateline" obtained exclusively and will air publicly for the first time.

"The Secret Life of Michael Jackson" also includes exclusive interviews with three former patients of Dr. Murray who all claim the cardiologist saved their lives. Below is an excerpt, mandatory credit and tune-in information to: "Dateline: The Secret Life of Michael Jackson," airing on Friday, Feb. 5 (9 PM/ET).

JOSH MANKIEWICZ: can you conceive of Dr. Murray being involved in essentially negligent, reckless conduct that could cause someone's death?


JACK HAMMOND: I can't. No, not at all.

BOB RUSSELL: I'm going to say that I-- I don't want to believe it.

David Corvo is the executive producer of "Dateline."