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Quotes of the Day NEWSMAKER QUOTE OF THE DAYImus asks Newsweek’s Howard Fineman if he thinks the Clintons are supporting General Wesley Clark in the Democratic Presidential election.“Not the Clinton’s personally. My theory is and it’s based on talking to people pretty close to them that they certainly wouldn’t mind, let’s put it that way. If things remain chaotic in the democratic party and if no one was able to lock up the majority of the delegates and somehow come April, May or June after the primaries are over the party reaches out to Hillary Rodham Clinton and says will you please help us out of this jam and she out of the goodness of her heart of course and only to serve the people of the party decides to go back on her promise to the people of New York, accepts the draft of the convention. Now is that likely to happen? No. But a very close advisor of theirs sketched out that scenario to me and I think if you watched Hillary on Meet The Press yesterday in her girlish laughter at Tim Russert’s repeated questions about her intentions I don’t think she would mind that. I think that would be just fine as far as they are concerned, in the meantime I’m sort of cynical enough to think they want to make as much a hash of this as possible to make sure that President Bush gets reelected and to make sure the road is clear for Hillary in 2008. That’s my theory.”SHOW QUOTE OF THE DAYFred Imus: “They moved my time again right? I was on at 4:20 (6:20 eastern) now I’m on at 6:20 (8:20 eastern).”Imus: “We’re looking to move you to 10:20 (eastern) now on Saturday.” You can get on our e-mailing list today by clicking right here: SUBSCRIBE(Or just read our online edition below.)


Join us Monday at 6am eastern for IMUS in the

Morning on MSNBC. We’ll have all the days news

headlines every fifteen minutes, including reports

from NBC News correspondents around the world.

Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez says he expects

fighting to heat up in Iraq during the first part of next

year... as the country moves towards sovereignty.

With another U.S. soldier killed this morning in a

shooting in Mosul, some are wondering how much

worse it can get. Raids didn’t net any insurgents

over the weekend, but the military says troops

north of Baghdad have seized nearly two million

dollars in cash — along with false identification

documents. Is this a sign the U.S. is getting closer

to rooting out Saddam loyalists?

There’s more controversy brewing in another trouble

spot. The U.N. is calling for an investigation into a

U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan that killed nine children.

American officials say they are “deeply saddened”

children died in the strike aimed at a former Taliban

commander. But, the military says the target was

killed... despite claims by villagers that he hadn’t

been in the area for days. Imus will have the latest.

Also, President Bush signed a landmark medicare

plan today that adds prescription drug coverage.

It’s a triumph for the Administration... but controversy

continues over the bill’s fine print. Members of both

parties say they believe the medicare drug plan will

have to be revised. The only question is when.

At 6:29 am eastern, Imus will talk to Fred Dicker

of the New York Post. Fred and Imus will talk

politics. Is there a chance Hillary Clinton

will leave NY and jump into the presidential race?


At 7:29 am eastern, NBC’s Tim Russert joins

Imus. Yesterday Tim had Senator Clinton on

“Meet The Press” so he’ll give us his perspective

on the interview. Imus and Russert will also

talk about the democratic presidential candidates.

Both Howard Dean and Senator John Kerry have

been criticized for recent comments. Senator Kerry

used profanity in addressing President Bush’s Iraq

Policy. Howard Dean referred to the Soviet Union

even though the Soviet Union has not existed for

over a decade. Dean also commented that he was

seeking the support of “guys with Confederate

flags in their pickup trucks.” Will these comments

hurt their presidential bid? And of course Imus

and Tim will also talk about the situation in Iraq

and the growing concerns that more violence will

happen before Iraq moves to a sovereign government.

On Wednesday, Imus will talk to the United States’

number one man in Iraq, Paul Bremer. Imus

will get the chance to ask the man in charge what is

happening in the war-torn country and where the

U.S. plan seems to have gone wrong. U.S. officials

say die-hard supporters of Saddam Hussein and

the deposed Baath Party are behind the deadly,

surprise attacks hitting U.S. forces in and around

Baghdad. Bremer, The U.S. Administrator in Iraq,

says the plan is right on track and troops are making

progress, but what does he have planned to find

the Saddam supporters and stop them? Hear it

firsthand from the United States’ top man in Iraq.

And Don’t forget to Watch Hardball tonight

with Chris Matthews as he interviews former

General Wesley Clark. See why the former

General says President Bush misled Americans

into war and why he insists he has a better

plan for peace in Iraq. Hardball Battle for

the White House, Tonight at 7 p.m. Eastern

Required Reading

“Residents of the Northeast dug

out from a storm that piled more

than 3 feet of snow in places,

and prepared to start the week

with the kids at home as hundreds

of school districts announced they

would be closed Monday.”
Northeast digs out after major storm

“A bomb exploded Saturday in the

southern Afghan city of Kandahar

injuring as many as 20 people,

according to the BBC. No deaths

were reported.”
Bomb blast injuries many in Kandahar

“President Bush on Monday will sign

into law the most far-reaching changes

in Medicare since the program’s

inception nearly 40 years ago, checking

off another priority amid questions

about its fiscal wisdom.”
Bush to sign Medicare overhaul

“The main pro-Kremlin party easily

won the most votes in Russia’s

parliamentary elections Sunday,

according to partial official results,

putting President Vladimir Putin on

the path to the solid majority he

seeks to strengthen his hold on

the country.”
Pro-Putin party heads toward win

“Authorities investigating the

slaying of a Baltimore federal

prosecutor are delving deeper

into the victim’s personal life

and reviewing information that

suggests that he made recent trips

to the Pennsylvania area near where

his battered body was discovered

last week.”
Slain prosecutor’s personal life probed

“Fears of flu vaccine shortages are

prompting lines at clinics, and

health officials are scrambling

to figure out how to ration supplies

in several parts of the country hit

hardest by what is shaping up as

the worst flu season in years.”
Flu shot shortage is feared

“The gasps and sobs of 300 people

echoed through the Christ Emmanuel

Christian Fellowship Church as a

videotape showed police officers

striking an unarmed but unruly black

man with nightsticks.”
Police, community rifts hard to heal in Cincinnati

“The Bush administration has

agreed with South Korea and Japan

to a broadly worded set of principles

to end North Korea’s nuclear program,

calling for a “coordinated” set of

steps in which five nations would offer

the North a security guarantee as it

begins a verifiable disassembly of

its nuclear facilities, according to

administration and Asian officials.”
U.S. and 2 Allies Agree on a Plan for North Korea

“Their embroidered caps, shredded with

shrapnel, lay beside a half-dozen small

rubber galoshes and caked pools of blood.

Seven boys and two girls died here on

Saturday morning in an American airstrike,

and their bodies were still lying in the

dust when American soldiers arrived by

helicopter to assess the results of the

attack three hours later, villagers and

American soldiers at the scene said

Afghan Villagers Torn by Grief After U.S. Raid Kills 9 Children

“Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of

New York sharply criticized President

Bush’s policies in Iraq during an

unusual series of back-to-back appearance

on the Sunday morning talk shows.”
In TV Interviews, Senator Clinton Criticizes Bush’s Handling of Iraq

Imus Stuff

“Is Howard Dean ready for prime time?

I’m not so sure after watching him

handle if that is the word the issue

that has taken possession of his

campaign this week: the 10-year seal

he placed on the records of his

12-year tenure as governor of

Dean Stumbles Over Sealed Records

“A memo written by a top Washington

lobbyist for the controversial Iraqi

National Congress raises new questions

about the role Vice President Dick

Cheney’s office played in the run-up

to the war in Iraq.”
Exclusive: Cheney and the ‘Raw’ Intelligence
By Mark Hosenball and Michael Isikoff

“The Rev. Ron Singleton’s door is

always open. That way, when the

Methodist minister of a small

congregation in Inman, S.C., is

counseling a parishioner, his

secretary across the hall is a

witness in case Singleton is

accused of inappropriate behavior.

(When his secretary is not around,

the reverend does his counseling

at the local Burger King.)”
Civil Wars
By Stuart Taylor Jr. and Evan Thomas

“Donovan McNabb backed up a bold

statement with another stellar

performance. McNabb threw for

248 yards and three touchdowns,

helping the Eagles clinch a

playoff spot with their eighth

straight victory, 36-10 over the

Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.”
McNabb, Eagles make statement

“College football fans, get ready

to crown not just one, but possibly

two national champions. And get ready

for a new round of controversy. That’s

because the computer rankings had

Oklahoma as the country’s top team

Sunday while the human poll voters

picked Southern California.”
USC No. 1 in polls, but feeling sour

“The New England Patriots shrugged

off the snow, then watched their

hardy fans fling it in celebration

of the team’s AFC East title. “You

couldn’t miss that. That was pretty

cool,” quarterback Tom Brady said.

“Hopefully, there’s more excitement

down the road.”
Pats not slowed by snow, win ninth straight

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