Blaming the media

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Why I’m sick and tired of the blame the media course coming from lawyers at these high-profile trials. The Scott Peterson case may be the most egregious example yet.

Today both the prosecutors and defense took pot shots at the “media.”

Defense attorney Mark Geragos saying he wanted the gag order rescinded because of the “volumes of misinformation that he wants to be able to correct.” Prosecutor Dave Harris was even more disingenuous saying essentially the situation is basically hopeless. That despite transcripts of the preliminary hearing being made available “they still can’t get it right.”

Who is “they?” Sure there have been some errors in the course of this long investigation. “The Modesto Bee” incorrectly reported that Scott Peterson bought a life insurance policy right before Laci’s death. But where are the volumes of factual errors?

If they are talking about the tabloids then they should say so. But on the whole. the “media” has gotten almost everything right. Watching the preliminary hearing, I was struck by how accurate the reporting had been.

I remember when I broke the story about the autopsy report of Laci’s unborn child I had a copy of it in my hand and yet Stanislaus County officials were publicly questioning its authenticity. Of course, it turned out to be entirely accurate. I can understand either side complaining about the analysis. That’s a matter of opinion.

But the notion “the media” just keep getting the facts wrong is just nonsense. Maybe the defense does not like the prosecution’s theories and vice-versa, but the problem is not the reporting, but often the arguments themselves being made by the lawyers. I want to hear specifics, not general accusations. Until then I’m not going to let them get away with these self-serving pot shots.