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Video slice test page -- 1 tease, category playlist

/ Source: The Associated Press

Video slice test page -- confirm that:

  • Headline of video slice is "Capt. Phillips on latest pirate abduction"
  • Play the second video and make sure the slice headline updates
  • Background and logo are Today Show branding
  • No date shows above the video caption
  • Caption appears "Captain Richard Phillips – who was dramatically rescued at sea in the spring after being held hostage by Somali pirates – joins NBC’s Lester Holt to discuss the case of a British couple taken hostage while sailing in the Indian Ocean."
  • Rest image appears (same as in main art here)
  • 5 terms from the video appear below the caption
  • Clicking on a term (from player rest state) expands the player window horizontally and vertically
  • Related videos appear in the player object on the right panel and are from the News Africa section.
  • Each related video is represented by a thumbnail and title.
  • Related videos play in the slice player and are launched by clicking on the tease image or headline.
  • In rest state, the tease representing the current video is off screen (above) and is not flagged with a label. The tease representing the next video is at the top in the visible area and is not flagged with a label. A scroll bar appears.
  • In playing state, there is a Now label on the currently playing video and a Next label on the video below (if there is one).
  • A More Videos drawer labeled “Show more videos” appears on all video slices. The More Videos drawer opens when a video starts playing in the slice or when the tab of the drawer is clicked. When open, the label on the drawer tab changes to “Hide more videos.”
  • Each video tease in the drawer is represented by a thumbnail and headline and are populated by the corresponding ‘image’ and ‘headline’ fields of the video teases included in the rows.
  • Drawer videos play in the popup player and are launched by clicking on the tease image or headline.
  • The drawer is populated with two rows of video teases: “More from” and “Most popular.”  A maximum of 5 related videos appear in each row.
  • The “More from” drawer is populated with videos from the Today Show.  The label is hyperlinked to the popup player in a rest state on the Today Show playlist.
  • The “Most popular” row is populated with the first five videos from the Most popular playlist (msnbc or Today).  The label is hyperlinked to the popup player in a rest state on the playlist.
  • Below the 2 rows of video teases is a set of links to other shows. Today and Dateline should launch popup player. Everything else should go to its associated showfront.
  • To the right of the show links is a video search box. The label “Search all videos” appears in the entry box but disappears when clicked. Initiating a search launches the popup player with search results populated in a rest state.
  • Closed caption text appears in the transcript drawer.   Label is “Closed captioning of: Capt. Phillips on latest pirate abduction”