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Video slice test -- 1 tease custom playlist

The rare spirits that went under the gavel at a recent online auction in Seattle weren't aged brandies or hard-to-find liqueurs.
Meet the Press
/ Source: The Associated Press

Video headline: Roundtable on Afghan election, U.S. strategy

Date: 11/1/2009

Custom playlist:  Iran_Ahmadinejad

More Videos drawer

  • The “More from” row is populated with the first five videos from the Politics category.  The label is More from Politics, and is hyperlinked to the popup player in a rest state on the Politics playlist.

Transcript drawer

  • The label of the drawer is “Show transcript.” When clicked, the transcript/cc text appears and the label changes to “Hide transcript.”
  • The transcript text appears in the drawer  labeled “Transcript of: Roundtable on Afghan election, U.S. strategy”
  • The transcript drawer contains one showcase ad.

Popup player

Initiate the popup player by:

  • Clicking on the “Open in new window” link that appears above and to the right of the player object.
  • Clicking on one of the video drawer teases.
  • Initiating a video search.

When the popup player is initiated, the slice player pauses.

If the popup player is playing when the slice player starts playing, the popup player does not pause.

If the popup player is already open when a subsequent popup request is made, it updates the same popup window rather than launching another.