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Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel: Rights and Reprint Sales

/ Source: Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel

To obtain information and pricing on custom-formatted, four-color, 70lb glossy paper reprints and/or a PDF of an Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel article, please send a request to:

Bill Hammons, Manager, Rights and Reprint Sales
Phone: 212-445-4870; Fax: 212-445-5764;

The minimum order for reprints is 500. Reprints take approximately 3 weeks to produce, but rush orders can be accomodated for an additional charge. Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel reprints may only be used for informational purposes. The reprints may not accompany any materials in which you a) advertise services or products; or b) solicit payment, dues, contributions, or applications for membership. Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel reprints may not be sold or offered as a premium.

Please include the following information on your request:

  • The number of reprints you are interested in
  • The full date (month/day/year), title and page number(s) of the article you wish to be reprinted
  • How the reprints will be used

Budget Travel is able to provide stock (pre-printed) reprints of some (NOT ALL) articles at the following rates:

Stock reprints are available shrink-wrapped in packages of 100. Please e-mail for page count and availability of specific articles.


For permission to use photographs, please contact the credited source directly. To request permission to use other Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel material, please send a fax to the number below or apply online.

Bill Hammons, Manager, Rights and Reprint Sales
Phone: 212-445-4870
Fax: 212-445-5764 (if contacting us by fax please be sure to include your complete contact information, including individual's name, organization's name, phone number, fax number, and complete mailing address)

Please include the following information on the request:

  • The month, day, year and page numbers of the Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel material—how the material will be used (in a textbook, photocopies for classroom use, handouts at a convention, Web site, etc...)
  • If requesting photocopy permission, include the number of copies you wish to make (maximum number of copies allowed: 500)
  • If requesting permission to reprint material in a book or other publication, include the print run/circulation and the price per unit
  • If requesting permission to post Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel material on a Web site, include the exact URL and approximate number of "hits" per month
  • If you wish to excerpt Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel material, please copy the article and highlight or underline the portions to be excerpted

We respond to permission requests within approximately 5 business days.If you wish to make more 500 or more copies, you may inquire about purchasing custom, four-color reprints (see Reprints above). Colleges and universities seeking permission to photocopy an Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel article for classroom use may also request permission through:

Copyright Clearance Center, Academic Permissions Service
222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923
Phone: 978-750-8400; Fax: 978-750-4470

For general information on Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel's rights and reprint sales policies, please call toll-free 1-866-741-0122.