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Costs of Cancer Care Doubled since 1987

/ Source: KARK 4 News

A new study reveals the medical cost of cancer has nearly doubled over the last two decades, with the cost increasing for Medicaid and private healthcare insurance companies.

Researchers found that since 1987, the total medical cancer-related cost was 48-point-one-billion dollars.

In 1987, medical cost for cancer -- in 2007 dollars -- was 24-point-seven-billion.

During that time, private insurance companies paid out 42-percent of the cost, while Medicare paid 33-percent.

Out-of-pocket cost made up for 17-percent.

In comparison, from 2001 to 2005 private healthcare organizations shelled out half the costs, while Medicare paid 34-percent and out-of-pocket cost was eight-percent.

The results are published online in "Cancer," the journal of the American Cancer Society.
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