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Story page site header & footer test scenarios

/ Source: The Associated Press


msn/Shows navigation

  • Clicking on a Microsoft link (msn, hotmail, Bing...) loads the corresponding site, and clicking on a show or partner site loads that show's showfront or that site's homepage.
  • On branded pages, an nbc peacock logo preceds brand family links and does not appear among the brand family links. Verify
  • on TODAY branded pages, '[ logo] sites & shows:' precedes brand family links and TODAY does not appear among the brand family links. Verify
  • All links have a rollover state (changes color) except for the nbc peacock logo preceding branded pages, which is not clickable
  • Hovering over 'More' triggers a rollover menu with msn categories. Clicking on any of the rollover links loads the corresponding msn category page.
  • The msn/show navigation sticks to the top of the browser window when scrolling up to the upscroll area. When scrolling down, the msn/shows nav bar docs to it's original position and is not visible once scrolling down past the page header.

Section navigation

  • A bigger, bolder section name with a transparent box behind it indicates the current section (Entertainment).
  • Hovering over the section names activates a rollover state (transparent box).
  • Clicking on a section name loads the corresponding section front.


  • The section name is populated by the text in the 'name' field of the assigned section description.
  • When special branding is required, the section name can be replaced by an image that is clickable to the appropriate subsection front. Verify partner, Verify column
  • Clicking on the section name (or branding image) loads the corresponding section
  • Clicking on the main logo (, today) loads the site's homepage.

Search box

  • Typing a term in the Search box and validating by clicking on the Search icon or by pressing 'Enter' loads a search result page. To verify this, enter a search and then remove 'gamma-' from the resulting address bar.

Breaking News Marquee

  • The marquee is rendered if the assigned section's marquee doc 'visible' checkboxes are checked.
  • The marquee style is dictated by the content of the marquee doc 'style' dropdown menu.
    . . . Breaking News marquee is white with red type for the TODAY show  Verify
    . . . All other marquees are white with blue type for the TODAY show
    . . . . . . Verify Breaking Updated marquee
    . . . . . . Verify Continuing marquee
    . . . . . . Verify Coming Up marquee
  • The text rendered in the marquee is the content of the marquee doc's 'Headline' field.
  • The marquee sticks under the msn/show navigation when scrolling up to the upscroll area.

Upscroll area

  • When the upscroll area is visible, a pointer appears above the 'Home' section name, and sitewide content populates the upscroll area.
  • Hovering over a section name highlights it, moves the pointer over it, and replaces the content of the upscroll with content from that section.
  • Clicking on an upscroll area item loads it or launches a new window if it's a video.


  • All links have a rollover state (changes color)
  • Clicking on the site logos (TODAY, loads the site's homepage
  • Clicking on a show or partner site link loads the corresponding showfront or site homepage
  • Clicking on a sitemap item loads a page specific to that item

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Tested on [date] by [person] using [browser/OS]

5/14 Rachel IE8/xp

5/17 Josh IE7/xp

5/19 George IE8

5/20 Lori IE8/xp