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iPads strike out at Yankee Stadium

Image: Publicity photo of the Apple "iPad"
Don't bother taking your iPad to Yankee Stadium; it's considered a laptop by officials there, and that means it's prohibited in the stadium.HO / Reuters
/ Source: PC World

New York Yankees fans will want to leave their iPads at home when they head to Yankee Stadium. It turns out Apple's 'magical device' falls under Yankees Stadium's strict security policy that prohibits laptops from entering the brand new $1.5 billion ballpark.

But the New York Mets, the Yanks' cross-town rivals, have no problem with their fans bringing iPads inside the Mets' equally new Citi Field, according to The New York Times.

The Yankees policy seems a little unfair to technophiles since the stadium has no problem with fans bringing iPhones into the stadium — and we all know the iPad is just an iPhone, only bigger.

But I have to wonder why in the world you'd want to bring an iPad to an outdoor stadium in the first place, especially on sunny days.

Remember all those iPad reviews complaining about how it was difficult to view the iPad's screen in direct sunlight? There were also reports in early April that the iPad would shut down when exposed to the sun, because it would quickly overheat.

So take comfort, Yankees fans, even if you could have an iPad by your side at Yankee Stadium you'd probably have a hard time checking out MLB At Bat or ESPN iScore anyway.

But if your baseball experience just wouldn't be the same without your beloved Apple device, I have some advice for you. Instead of fighting your way into the new Yankee Stadium along with the rest of the sweaty masses, why not head a little further down the street to where the old Yankee Stadium used to be?

You can enjoy the game at one of the local bars or restaurants where you'll be able to see your iPad screen without a problem, you'll still hear the roar of the crowds and the beer is definitely cheaper.

Besides, I hear local businesses around the old Yankee Stadium site could use the support having fallen on tough times since the Yanks moved down the block.