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From Lindsay Lohan to Paris Hilton, "Dateline's" Josh Mankiewicz takes a look at a series of late-night burglaries caught on tape at the homes of young Hollywood celebrities, allegedly committed by a group now known as the "Bling Ring."

A charismatic pastor's demons are exposed when a crime hidden for years is revealed. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

SUNDAY. APRIL 11 (Updated)

Marking the 40th anniversary of Apollo 13, Matt Lauer reports on the real story and the real people behind the words, "Houston, we've had a problem." Hear in their own words how the crew of Apollo 13 found themselves in a four-day struggle for survival against all odds after an explosion crippled their spacecraft -- 200,000 miles from Earth.


Fresh from a break up, a young, beautiful woman is trying to start her life over in the tropical Norfolk Island off of Australia when she disappears in broad daylight. Sara James reports on the Agatha Christie-like mystery that ensues.


It was once the heartbeat of the American economy, but today, Detroit could be seen as the ultimate reflection of America's pain. The population - once two million - is now less than half of that; the schools are among the worst in the nation, crime and corruption run rampant, and people are struggling to survive in a shattered economy. In Chris Hansen's upcoming report, "America Now: City of Heartbreak and Hope," Hansen, who grew up in the Detroit suburbs and worked as a reporter in the city for a decade, returns to take a very personal look at what's being done to save the city, and the people who are leading the way.