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Top nightclubs around the world

Life's a party, and Web site has come up with a list of the top 10 nightclubs around the world to drink and dance the night away.
/ Source: Reuters

Life's a party, and Web site has come up with a list of the top 10 nightclubs around the world to drink and dance the night away.

The list, compiled by the Web site's editors is not endorsed by Reuters.

1. The Boom Boom Room, New York City
Sitting atop the brand new Standard Hotel in New York City's Meat Packing District, The Boom Boom Room opened in September 2009 and was instantly a favorite with models, designers and celebrities.

2. LIV at the Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami
Set inside the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, LIV is 30,000 square feet fusing a luxurious lounge with a high-energy dance club. LIV is rumored to be the highest-grossing club in the world, and not because it is big, but because people spend big.

3. Merah, London
Opened in October 2009, Merah is becoming one of London's hottest clubs. The tone for Merah is decadence with limousine service for those who purchase tables, door pickers straight from the St. Tropez hot spot Les Caves du Roys, and what is touted as the best-looking patrons in town. Merah operates on a membership basis, but the public may enter for a fee.

4. Playhouse, Los Angeles
L.A. has so many clubs that when a new one opens, there is little fanfare — unless, of course, you are talking about Playhouse. Playhouse has quickly become an uber-hotspot for celebrities and trustafarians alike. The club provides dozens of nooks and crannies where VIPs can drink in privacy but it's only open three days a week — Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

5. Collage, Stockholm
Collage is this Stockholm's greatest entrant into luxury dining and partying of the past 10 years. A luxury club sitting atop a five-star restaurant in the heart of downtown Stockholm, the club boasts two independent DJ booths, which at times play with each other, other times battle and can set totally different moods for their section of the dance floor. Collage's biggest claim to fame is its amazing outdoor garden.

6. Razzmattazz, Barcelona
Located in the heart of one of Europe's greatest cities, Razzmattazz is a true mega-club with five different rooms playing five types of music.

7. Wall at the W Hotel, Miami
Wall at the W in South Beach brought together a few legendary Miami club owners and set out to build the hottest dance club on the strip. Don't expect to get in there cheap though, the emphasis is placed squarely on the table-holders.

8. Guzel, Athens
Guzel is a massively chic club with a massively chic door policy, so only the pretty ones are allowed in to their now epic Sunday night hip-hop parties.

9. Juliet Supper Club, New York City
Juliet Supper Club opened in October 2009 with the help of super-chef Todd English and the minds behind two of New York City's hottest clubs of the last decade, Lotus and Greenhouse. It is located behind a black door on a barren stretch of West 21st street in Chelsea.

10. Rex Club, Paris
Rex Club was the first mega dance club in France to bring in major techno and electronica DJs. Now approaching its 20th year, Rex Club has one of the most impressive lineups of acts coming through its doors for the next 12 months anywhere in the world.