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Buy mega-luxury yacht, get a supercar for free

Image: Yacht and car
Cost? If you just asked, you probably can't afford it.Strand Craft
/ Source: Jalopnik

This is the Strand Craft 122 Open, a proposed ultra-luxurious, high-speed 38 meter yacht. If you fork over the cash to buy one you get the matching stored-aboard 880HP, twin-turbocharged V12-powered coach-built super car thrown in for free.

Strand Craft is not new to mixing cars with boats, recall the Corvette Sting Ray-inspired speeder from a few years back. But this behemoth is on a whole different scale. The Strand Craft 122 is planned as an art deco masterstroke powered by two massive MTU Series 4000 diesel engines good for over 9,200 HP and running two Rolls Royce jet drives.

If that's not enough there's an optional "booster" engine in the form of a Vericor TF 50 delivering another 5,100 HP. At 38 meters with a 7.6 meter beam and 1.5 meter draft, it clocks in at 120 tons, but with so much power delivers a planned 55 knot top speed (about 63 MPH).

Then there's the car. Stored inside the boat in a garage below the rear deck is the Strand Craft Tender, a misnomer in a way with a twin-turbocharged V12 delivering 880HP and a top speed of 233 MPH. The coach-built, ultra-custom car is designed to compliment the 122's design and provide extremely speedy land transport wherever you put in to port.

There is no price attached to this whole endeavor, which means if you have to ask you can't afford it, we certainly hope some rich fool steps up to the plate just so we can see that super car doing smokey burnouts at sea.