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Raining on the good Iraq news

Gutter politics at its worst

Why does it always seem that good news from Iraq drives some Democrats crazy? 

While America celebrated the capture of one of the most bloody dictators in history, leading Democrats were busy filling in the dark clouds around America‘s silver lining and floating crazy conspiracy theories. 

Howard Dean said Saddam‘s capture was no big deal for America‘s safety.  And he earlier floated the theory that our president was warned about the 9/11 attacks, but did nothing to save thousands of lives. 

Now, this week, veteran Democratic Congressman Jim McDermott said, the timing of Saddam‘s capture was “suspicious” and that America may have been holding him all along. 

Not to be outdone, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright suggested that America‘s government may be holding Osama bin Laden and would release him right before next year‘s elections. This is more proof that the Democratic Party‘s visceral hatred of George Bush is blinding them to the realities that most Americans clearly see:  Arresting Saddam Hussein was a good thing and that fighting for a democratic, stable Iraq is worth the sacrifice. 

I used to be embarrassed when right-wing Republicans would trot out conspiracy theories about Bill and Hillary Clinton.  But I wonder what my reasonable Democratic friends are thinking today, as their party leadership becomes obsessed with crackpot conspiracy theories that only end up making the entire party look foolish and irrelevant.  It‘s gutter politics at its worst.