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A tour of our new and improved pages

We've made some exciting improvements to our story pages to better showcase video and pictures and make it easier for users to discover related content and join the discussion.
Our previous story page layouts with small text, small video links and lots of noise.
Our previous story page layouts with small text, small video links and lots of noise.

We've made some big changes to our stories. Bigger pictures. Bigger video. Bigger text. Combined on a page, they tell bigger stories.

The only thing big about our previous pages were the size and number of the gray tease boxes (pictured right). Why not, we thought, stop teasing and start showing this content?

We are a multimedia news service. Some stories you just have to see. Others work best in text. Many have both.

So we've stacked up the pieces with the most compelling content on top. Start with a video.  Scroll down to read. Want more? Show more. Long text simply expands in place. Then scroll down for photos. Lots of large photos. Share your favorite. Via e-mail. On Facebook. On Twitter. Continue down the page. See what others are saying. Expand. Respond.

Keep going. We post thousands of updates a day and are constantly searching them for related angles. It's all right there near the bottom of every story. Want the bigger picture? There's a dashboard view of the latest news trends below. Or jump back to the top of the page. Our site navigation gets bigger, too. Just when you need it.

Go deep. Zoom out. All in one place. We think it's a big deal. You?

Scroll down for feature-by-feature details, sample slideshows, as well as questions and comments.