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NBC News' Chief Foreign Correspondent and award-winning chronicler of America's War on Terror, Richard Engel reports from Afghanistan and around the country on one of the deadliest battles in the Afghan War – the Battle of Wanat – and the impact it had on a fallen soldier's father in a special edition of "Dateline: A Father's Mission" on June 27 (7:00-8:00 PM/ET).

In the summer of 2008, in the Wygal Valley of eastern Afghanistan, at a place called Wanat, a platoon of paratroopers fought a battle that would change the way the Afghan War was waged and profoundly alter the lives of the men who survived the mission and the families of the nine soldiers who died there.

And when that battle ended, another began. One solder's father, himself a career officer, enlisted other parents on a campaign to find out why the battle went horribly wrong, and who was responsible.

Engel talks with soldiers of Second Platoon, Chosen Company of the 173rd airborne infantry, who candidly and emotionally share their incredible story of courage and sacrifice in the face of a nearly overwhelming enemy attack. The report includes eyewitness accounts and extensive battlefield footage to detail the ferocious firefight.

David Corvo is the executive producer of "Father's Mission" and Richard Engel is the correspondent. Elizabeth Cole is the executive editor; Ellen Mason is the senor producer; Tom Keenan is the producer; Saverio Camporeale is the editor; Steve O'Neil is principal photography; and Nick Johnson is the associate producer.