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Send up the signal! Batman-singing pug is missing

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Pugs and Batman have enjoyed a long, if unheralded, connection on the Internet.

Waste your work hours on cats with sassy captions all you want, but nothing is more amusing than a brachycephalic canine with copious neck rolls dressed as the Dark Knight. What's more, that howlarious superhero breed took the next step in evolution earlier this week with a new viral video titled "The Pug That Yells Batman."

Teddy Almond Turtle is the star of the self-explanatory video, and, as meme-aggregating website , "He has a preternatural grasp of the English language and he knows better than to say meaningless things like 'woof' and 'arf.' This pug yells for Batman."

And indeed, when the roly-poly fellow is prompted to howl, that's exactly what he sounds like — so much so that since the video first went viral, it's been mashed up at least half-a-dozen times with the cartoon theme from the 1960s "Batman" series.

Unfortunately, while you can still see those multiplying mash-ups on YouTube, the original video is missing as of this morning. Any day-late, dollar-short fool attempting to click on blog links to the original Teddy Almond Turtle video received a mournful and mysterious YouTube message: "This video has been removed by the user."

Could some of the comments provide clues? "This has to be the most amusing talking-dog video ever to exist," wrote feminist blog .

Comedian , who posted one of the first mash-ups featuring Teddy crooning "Batman's" single eponymous lyric, was equally enthusiastic.

"Today I internet-met a pug named Teddy Almond Turtle who yells BATMAN!" Schwartz wrote in the video description.

"Except, in my head, he sings it. Because I am tone-deaf and can't really sing, so basically hitting the right words at the correct time with a vague sense of rhythm is good enough for me. By which I mean to say: I very sloppily and hastily cut the pug into the Batman theme song, because I am very, very, very easily amused."

Hey, who isn't? In fact, isn't that what the Internet's all about? For that matter, isn't that why the Internet is awesome?!  

Alas, other blogs were not so flattering, and anyone who has ever dared to read YouTube comments can fill in the blanks as to just how cruel those could've been. (We're talkin' way worse than "Auto-Tune that pug!")

As someone who presides over her own small herd of rescue pugs, I am well aware the fat little fellas are an easily insultable breed. The Internet is often as obnoxious as it is awesome. What's more, the original video poster described Teddy Almond Turtle as her mom's pug. No one wants to make her mom's pug an open target on the Internet.

Removal over rudeness is just a working theory, mind you. It's equally plausible that, much like Justin Bieber before him, Teddy Almond Turtle received some sort of exclusive singing contract and the original video was removed for licensing purposes.

For all we know, that , that kid who made the " " content blocker, is already working on a "Shaved Pug" Firefox extension, in anticipation of future Teddy Almond Turtle Internet overload … like that could ever happen.

If you have information regarding why Teddy Almond Pug was removed and why, please e-mail the " " hotline immediately.

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