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Video slice -- 2 teases

The rare spirits that went under the gavel at a recent online auction in Seattle weren't aged brandies or hard-to-find liqueurs.
/ Source: The Associated Press

Video headlines: Capt. Phillips on latest pirate abduction ; Bush on Nixon’s invite from China

The Related Video pane is populated by the two video teases in the slice:  "Capt. Phillips on latest pirate abduction" and "Bush on Nixon’s invite from China." Each related video is represented by a thumbnail and title and are populated by the corresponding ‘image’ and ‘headline’ fields of the video teases included in the same story slice.

When there are two teases:

  • The tease representing the current video is on screen (at the top) and is flagged with a label.
  • The tease representing the next video is next and is not flagged with a label.
  • A scroll bar does not appear.